Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No post today d:

So there is no post today. I ended up taking two 3.5 hour finals today... I guess that is what happens when you wait to the last posible moment to take a final though. The good news is that I am on spring break now, and should have a little bit of time to work on stuff, be it the blog (getting rid of the awful stock template) or building my prototype board.

As for the prototype board, I would like to let everyone know that I got the LEDs in the mail, so those guys will be going up soon. I did get blue. They look awesome. Even though I got my LEDs, I still do not have the ardrino board, so the majority of the work is still a ways a way.
So pretty d:

I still need to diffract the light (sanding) so that way the board does not show any hotspots (brighter center points)

I have come up with some more projects that I want to do. All of which are going to be cool. The only challenge is that I am trying to save up some money so I can get an apartment with my best friend Sebastian, my cousin Alex, and his girlfriend Twelve. Because I don't have unlimited money, I might not be able to keep doing new projects at the pace other bloggers might be able to. Of course, if you like my stuff, make sure to share it on facebook, or whatever.

Boring stuff aside, here are some of the things you all can look forward to me making (in no particular order):
- bitchin' fountain
- bitchin' desk lamp
- bitchin' spirograph
Basically I have a lot of bitchin' stuff to come. It is just a matter of time/money (:

Until next time...


  1. hope you'll be fine :) great LED I've got red one haha

  2. ugh, finals. we've just barely gotten to standardized testing.

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