Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blogger Colab

So I have been thinking a lot about some of the patterns that I want to have the LED's display on my board, and I was thinking, 'hey, why not get some input from the blogging community as well'. So over the next few days, I will be accepting 'applications' for light designs. If you are even so inclined, you can make a string of designs so they become an animation. Of the designs that get submitted, I will pick the ones that I think are interesting, or cool, and put them into the final project. Below is a template that I made so designs will look a little more uniform. The black square represents the LED. If you would like to have it be the other way, just say so in your particular post.
A simple template. Black square represents an on LED. Copy and past to create patterns. 

If you are having difficulty with coming up with a design, here are some ideas that other people have Incorporated into their devises. 
Daft Punk Coffee Table
There are also lots of other like videos posted up on YouTube as well as all over the web. The designs are to be submitted no later than April 17th 2011, as that is the last day I will be taking consideration. Expect a post about what the light scheme 1.0 will be around the 20th or so. Email all designs to baysjacob@gmail.com

Until next time...


  1. Will they be able to flash or alternate colours, or are they flat?

  2. @Chris Prendergast

    The LED's will be able to turn on and off. As for this first design, I am going to do them all in one color. The RGB LEDs are are little bit more expensive, and I honestly don't have the funds for that sort of thing at this point. So I guess that they will fall into the 'flat' category, but by turning some of them on, and leaving some of them off, I will be able to give the impression of simple animation.

  3. Did you get diffused LED's ? Diffused are the ones that glow in every direction vs those that only glow forward.

  4. @See It 360
    I am planning on just coating them in hot glue. It will be a cheaper solution for this prototype.

  5. That seems pretty cool, I guess.

  6. You're awesome! I can't wait to see what you can do!

  7. awesome tips! save me some time for sure!

  8. cant think of a good design. gl, cant wait to see some results